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Inflation is at Levels Not Seen in 40 Years Perfectly Positioned Copper Company Could be Your Secret Weapon

As investors, it’s easy to feel like sitting ducks in this current inflationary environment. The pain at the gas pump and the grocery store are constant reminders that prices are increasing at levels not seen since Jimmy Carter’s “stagflation” era. But the threat to our portfolios is even bigger. ‘Bidenflation’ now requires us to have an 8-10% gain on paper before we see the first dollar of actual profit. Fortunately, there are assets out there that can help you inflation-proof your portfolio.

That’s because some of the same megatrends driving prices of consumer goods higher are set to send commodities like copper to multi-decade highs, too. Between supply chain snags and surging demand based on replacing fossil fuels with green-energy technology, copper prices are soaring, and so are the stocks of companies that mine the red metal.

Copper companies have done extremely well since April 2020, after the Covid lockdown crash:

  • Freeport-McMoRan is up 418%
  • Turquoise Hill Resources is up 473%
  • And the Global X Copper Mines ETF is up 209%

Those kind of gains are unusual for large companies, but they’re entirely within reach for the smaller explorers, where share price gains that multiply your investment are more achievable.

And with two highly promising copper projects underway in British Columbia, Canada, under-the radar Alpha Copper (OTC: ALCUF) (CSE: ALCU) is my pick to turn in the copper sector’s next multi-bagger performance.

Read below to learn more about how Alpha Copper (OTC: ALCUF) (CSE: ALCU) is poised to be a big winner in a million dollar industry.

The Next Big Winner For Off-Grid Confidential

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Lee Bellinger. I spent the first part of my career in Washington as a legislative aide to Congressmen Dan Coats and Toby Roth, learning the ins and outs of the behind-the-scenes workings of government.

I came to realize that Washington was never going to solve Americans’ problems. I left Capitol Hill to establish my own publishing service, now in continuous operation for more than 35 years.

More than just an investment advisory, my monthly newsletter Off-Grid Confidential gives you an insider’s look at what goes on in the corridors of power. My letter focuses on the megatrends I see developing in the global economy and society at large.

My readers learn about these megatrends early, so they can take action on and profit from them.

Just such a confluence of megatrends is occurring right now in the copper space, and I’ve found a copper explorer in Alpha Copper (OTC: ALCUF) (CSE: ALCU) that looks ripe to be the next big winner in the sector.

And it all starts with the combination of rampant inflation, reckless government spending and supply chain issues that make the red metal a go-to play to make money in this unique environment. 

You don’t want to miss out — Investors now have the opportunity to get in at the ground floor by investing with Alpha Copper (OTC: ALCUF) (CSE: ALCU).

Green Energy: Boondoggle or Bonanza?

In truth, from an investor’s perspective, it doesn’t matter that the Green Energy movement may eventually turn out to be a boondoggle. The fact remains that car companies the world over are rushing to put out millions of new electric vehicles, and all those new EVs are way more copper intensive than the typical internal combustion engine vehicle.

A conventional car uses 18 to 49 pounds of copper. Hybrid electric vehicles use around 85 pounds of copper. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles use 132 pounds of copper. And all-electric vehicles use a whopping 183 pounds of copper. If, as analysts forecast, EV sales approach 26.8 million units by 2030, the total copper demand from that sales level, assuming just 100 pounds of copper per vehicle, would be 2.68 billion pounds!

And that doesn’t include all the copper needed for charging stations and solar power installations. The bottom line is the green economy is going to require a staggering amount of copper.

Copper Investment Driven By The 2021 Infrastructure and Jobs Act:

The current administration is level-set on foisting the green economy onto the American public. That includes $200 million earmarked for green projects in the recently passed Infrastructure and Jobs Act of 2021.

Whether you think this is a good use of taxpayer dollars or not, the fact remains that the money has already been allocated for these copper intensive projects. And even if the U.S. government does a U-turn after a future election, other leading nations are clearly all-in on the green revolution.

Agree or not, the best strategy is to bet on the direction things are headed and to build a position in copper.

Alpha Copper: The Next Big Copper Discovery In Canada?

With 27.5 square miles of copper projects in copper-rich British Columbia, Alpha Copper (OTC: ALCUF) (CSE: ALCU) appears perfectly positioned for profit and growth.

British Columbia is known for porphyry-style copper deposits. Porphyries are the geological heat engines that bring copper mineralization to the surface of the Earth’s crust via hydrothermal (i.e., super-heated) fluids.

The key characteristic of porphyry copper deposits is they can be quite large, as demonstrated by the Highland Valley Copper Mine in south-central British Columbia. This porphyry deposit is host to one of the largest copper mines in the world.

And Highland Valley was formed by the same forces that generated similar deposits to the north, where Alpha Copper’s Indata project lies.

A Game Changing Discovery Near Alpha’s Indata Project

Indata sits only about 1.8 miles south of the recent copper discovery made on NorthWest Copper’s Kwanika project. That discovery included a drill hole containing 5.3% copper. To give you an idea of how rich that rock is, consider that many large copper mines operate profitably using ore with just 0.6% copper. 

All the geological markers of a major system exist on Alpha’s Indata project, as demonstrated by compelling grab samples, soil sampling, ground geophysics, trenching and drilling. All this past work signals Alpha is onto a significant potential deposit of copper at Indata. The project may even host some gold as well.

In addition to Indata, Alpha Copper (OTC: ALCUF) (CSE: ALCU) also controls another high-value copper project called Okeover. This project is located just 90 miles from Vancouver, British Columbia and is accessed by a network of forest roads. The area has seen extensive exploration since the 1960s, providing Alpha Copper (OTC: ALCUF) (CSE: ALCU) with a treasure trove of data to sort through for copper and molybdenum mineralization. The data shows copper and molybdenum targets throughout the 15-square-mile property.

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All Part of the Off-Grid Confidential Strategy

Focusing on smaller companies is a great way to maximize gains in a given sector like copper, as their stocks typically experience a much bigger percentage gain in response to good news than larger companies.

I tell my readers all the time that focusing on smaller companies is the quickest avenue to double- or triple-digit gains.

The prospect that Alpha Copper (OTC: ALCUF) (CSE: ALCU) could be one of those companies is why I want to send you  FREE copy of my report on the company: The #1 Inflation Play for 2022-2023: How to Cash in as Bidenflation Sends Prices Soaring In America.

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